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The foundation

The foundation

The long lasting and persistent breeding work by brother Adam (Karl Kehrle – *3.8.1898 in Mittelbiberach + 1.9.1996 in Redmount) led to the worldwide spread „Buckfast Bee“ – named after monastery Buckfast, where brother Adam worked.

The foundation, based in the Netherlands, was established in 2020, has an international focus and works exclusively on a non-profit basis. It does not pursue commercial purposes. The recognition of non-profit status is in preparation.


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The breeding work and documentation is an outstanding achievement in the breeding of the honey bee. The foundation wants to preserve this heritage for posterity. The documentation of this breeding work shall be kept freely accessible and the continuation of the breeding documentation of the Buckfast bee shall be ensured worldwide for all breeders of this bee.

In the past also the website pedigreeapis.org was in use. But we are currently migrating all the data.

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Bibliography of Brother Adam

Many of the publications of Brother Adam in English have appeared in the Bee World, journal of the International Bee Research Association.


Endowments and donations

The Board of Trustees works on an honorary basis and without remuneration. The costs for the administration and maintenance of the Pedigree and the Bibliography are covered by donations.

Endowments are of course possible and, like donations, contribute to the memory of Brother Adam.

Are you in possession of any objects or photographs of Brother Adam? We would be delighted to take over these pieces and preserve them for future generations.

If you would like to support the preservation of the heritage, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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